M0110/M0110A PCB GB Updates

I don't have an easy way to send emails out, so, I'll be putting updates here. The storefront will close on 29th December, this is so I don't have to pay another month of Shopify fees - your orders will still make it to you!

Orders for all PCBs will be placed on 6th December after all payments have made their way to me. I'll update this post after orders have been placed at the respective fabs.

UPDATE #15: 19th January 2022
Sorry for the delay! Had some issues with VIA, switched to Vial. Vial firmware for M0110 is now available here. M0110A is here.

UPDATE #14: 8th January 2022
Preliminary (non-VIA) firmwares can be found here:

UPDATE #13: 7th January 2022
All orders shipped as of yesterday evening - firmware will be available tomorrow! Sorry for the delay!

UPDATE #12: 4th January 2022
Finally repointed kuritakey.store to here, so if you've not seen this page before, you probably will now! All domestic orders are being collected today. I've realised that I haven't gotten round to submitting a PR to QMK for firmware, so I'll do that tonight, but in the meantime you'll be able to get firmware on this page shortly.

UPDATE #11: 1st January 2022
I have generated labels for all orders - you will have received a shipped notice now! In reality these will be being dispatched throughout this week.

UPDATE #10: 31st December 2021
All orders have been packed. Expect shipping from Jan 4th.

UPDATE #9: 30th December 2021
Diodes arrived today. If your order contains only M0110A PCBs, it has been packed.

UPDATE #8: 29th December 2021
M0110 PCBs arrived today. Still waiting on diodes, but starting to package orders today.

UPDATE #7: 24th December 2021
M0110A PCBs arrived today.

UPDATE #6: 21st December 2021
M0110A PCBs are due to arrive by 24th December, M0110 PCBs by 29th December. M0110A-only orders will be packed over the holiday period and hopefully will ship out in the small gap between Christmas and New Year, orders including M0110 PCBs will likely ship at the start of January.

UPDATE #5: 18th December 2021
M0110 PCBs shipped to me.

UPDATE #4: 17th December 2021
M0110A PCBs have shipped to me, M0110 PCBs are still in production.

UPDATE #3: 12th December 2021
As previously mentioned, all PCBs were ordered - currently awaiting completion at the fab. Diodes and shipping boxes have been ordered.

UPDATE #2: 7th December 2021
Revised M0110 design has been confirmed to work with ISO models and the order will be sent for production tonight.

UPDATE #1: 6th December 2021
M0110A PCBs have been ordered. Final physical testing of M0110 prototypes with a real ISO M0110 yesterday revealed minor issues with ISO enter placement, order placement for M0110 PCBs may be delayed by around 1-2 days as I work to ensure the footprint placement will be correct.

If you need to contact me about your order, I am kallisti#6969 on Discord.