Where did {insert post} go from your website?

I recently removed or restricted access to an amount of content on this site, mostly concerning uncommon or oddball keyboards. This is because a known bad element in the community was using this information to inform a set of people who are frankly just profiteers, so they could snap up uncommon keyboards for cheap and then sell them back to you at anywhere between 4-20x the price.

In addition to this, I have seen fraudulent listings on Xianyu using pictures of my project keyboards advertised for sale. This is obviously impossible.

I won't be complicit in this profiteering. If you want to know the information or have any questions about whether I know something, you can always get in touch with me on Discord (ti.kallisti).

Any attempt to re-upload my copyrighted works that I have removed will be pursued to the utmost extent that the law permits.

The only remaining posts on this website will concern keyboards with extremely low market value, documentation for group buys I have run, community restoration methods, and other, non-keyboard projects.